Houseflies and Elephants

People seem to be enjoying my new story ideas. This one isn’t a vignette, but I decided to tell you about it anyway.

My Muse, Lorelei, really poured it on a couple of weeks ago. She threatened to leave me if I didn’t start writing again soon. Then she sprinkled something in my peaches or something. I had a couple of pretty good story ideas, and blogged about them. I also had a ton of ideas for the story I just started. I’ll withhold those, because they’re mostly enhancements and not the main story.

Things are trickling off now, but I got one in a dream last night. They don’t all come as dreams, but this one did. It’s not even a vignette. It’s just a flash of something, but it was in vivid HD color. I was with someone, and I wasn’t in Idaho. It was a bit more tropical. A group of pink and grey cockatoos flew into the trees around us. Someone said they aren’t supposed to be here. (Apparently it wasn’t Australia.) There was a comment about them being feral, and something about global warming.

This one feels pretty useless, but I’m putting it in the old cauldron anyway. I know exactly what kind of birds they were, and they have an Australian name that I’m too lazy to look up. I heard somewhere they are pests.

The next one seems to work much better as a story idea. It’s been really hot in Idaho. It’s so hot that whenever someone opens a door, the flies invade. Why wouldn’t they, we have an air conditioner. It got pretty bad when the grandkids were here, because the door opens every 3.7 seconds.

This probably sounds pretty old school, but I’m a bathtub kind of guy. I know everyone prefers showers this century, but I love my bathtub. Every day, I have to pluck two to four dead flies from the tub before running my water. I could take a photo, but nobody wants to see that.

I was on my 4:00 AM bathtub cleaning this morning and said to myself, “This is where houseflies come to die.”


“How about that?” I have this cool idea about these people in Africa. The elephant graveyard is an African legend that rivals King Solomon’s Mines. I know everyone hates the idea of ivory these days, but at one time it was quite acceptable everywhere. The idea of thousands of tusks lying about on top of the ground is a treasure hunter’s dream come true. Carry them to market, never fire a shot, live like a king for the rest of your life. Since this would be an historical piece, it works out pretty well.

You can bet this one went in the cauldron too. It was immediately drawn to the vignette about the African couple.

Who knows, maybe the cockatoos will like the guy with the yak. Maybe the yak walked to Australia because of a land bridge or something. I just keep adding stuff to the cauldron and letting it blend together. There’s still an old idea about the ghost of Steve McQueen in there somewhere. Maybe he can figure out what to do with the cockatoos.

I’m off to have my first pumpkin beer of the year. It’s just a Shocktop, but I’m a pumpkin beer junkie. I’m sure more pumpkin libations will show up soon. The Shocktop is like the first butterfly of summer.


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10 responses to “Houseflies and Elephants

  1. Sounds interesting…I can’t wait to see what you’ll do with it. 🙂 The flies are gross. When we get them, I hang those sticky fly papers and get rid of them in a hurry. Yucko! How about peach beer? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve had peach beer, and it’s okay. Most of them are more like a beer tea made with fruit. Wanna talk yuck? They make a sticky paper mouse trap too. When you find them they’re stuck all over the glue, alive and pulsating.


  2. Maybe the idea will involve Steve McQueen in a role that’s a complete subversion of his character, like a loving father type, hoarding houseflies.
    Don’t you ever get the urge to remake known truths when you write?


  3. Take heart, I too enjoy a tub.
    And I have to share my tub with EVERYONE now, because downsized. Pity about the flies tho 😉


  4. Really cool idea! Talk about creating a place in people’s minds right off the bat. There are so many emotions mixed in a scene like that: guilt, greed, feeling blessed, lucky, and paranoid that it is all too easy.


    • Thanks, James. I don’t get scenes constantly, but I decided to post a few of them here. I’ll probably write these stories one day, then I’ll stop giving away spoilers. The point is to sell a few books, so I can’t give too much away.


  5. #RaveReviewsBookClub it is. If you are an author, there’s the place to be. Hurry up and join for great support.

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