Non writing work & why is the rum always gone?

I took an hour to read blogs this morning, then Old What’s Her Face* wanted me to deal with the peach tree. The peaches are starting to go bad, and there are too many of them. She wanted enough for a crisp recipe she found.

I harvested this time with the pruning shears. Whole branches of peaches yielded what we needed and the rest went in the trash. I saved one basket for the pseudo son-in-law and set aside some special ones for my own project.

There are still quite a few on the tree, and it isn’t too hard to find a fresh one even now. This is a backyard tree and stunting its growth is the goal. That’s why I’m pruning heavily right now.

Tonight my wife made burgers on some wonderful kaiser rolls she found. I had mine with morels we gathered and froze about a month ago. It was heavenly. Then I introduced my crazy plan.

I gave Old What’s Her Face eight tiny flat peaches and asked her to grill them for me. This intensifies the sweetness, and softens them up. After dinner, I rubbed the burnt skins off, pitted them, and threw them in the blender with a glurg of honey.

And then… Wait. What the… Why is the rum always gone?

Right. Adapt, improvise, and improve. It’s time for grilled peach Margaritas.


In a Moai Head no less

I actually have proper Margarita glasses, but I wanted to use my Moai glasses. Wish you were here, Rachel.

So I didn’t get any editing done today. I got a very generous offer from a blog friend, and the Moai is helping me generate an idea.

Hmmm, maybe a peaches and cream Margarita???

* Not my wife’s real name.


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11 responses to “Non writing work & why is the rum always gone?

  1. When I read that you THREW THEM AWAY, I wanted to STRANGLE YOU! Why do I have to be stuck in the far corner of the country?! LOL! The grilled peach rum thingy sounds absolutely delicious! Maybe the margarita, too. Peach milkshakes also ROCK! Or just plain old peaches. Or peaches covered in sugar and cream. Or peaches in a strawberry smoothie. Or peach tarts. Or peach fry pies. Or peach cobbler. Or peaches and yogurt. Or peach hamburgers. Or peach cheesecake. Okay, I’ll stop now. I’m just making myself miserable. πŸ™‚


  2. Ali Isaac

    I was literally just reading about Easter Island and the lost land of Hiva. There is a train of thought that these people are descended from a much more ancient civilisation which mainstream denies. The statued and text could be thousands of years old rather than a few hundred, which makes more sense to me. Oh and some of the natives were pale skinned and red haired… now that sounds familiar…


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