Quick question for the blog world

Are you guys enjoying my little vignettes? Most writers have too many ideas, and maybe mine aren’t all that interesting. I think all writers have voices calling to them to tell a certain story.

I’m toying with the idea of posting more of these. They’ve been well received, and it wouldn’t be all that often. I might post some short fiction sometime soon too.

If the regulars think this is a good idea, I’ll add a category and make them easy to find. Right now I’m off to run some quick errands.

Let me hear from you, and I’ll check in later.


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19 responses to “Quick question for the blog world

  1. I came across your blog after having seen this post. In reading your vignettes, I can definitely say I do.


  2. I enjoy reading most of what you post, so go ahead, knock yourself out.


  3. I like seeing the process involved when an author organizes brain thoughts for a book. To me it is even more helpful that the writerly blogs that try to explain all the so called rules.


  4. I do. Anything to show what goes on in your imagination.


  5. I’m open to short fiction, and blurbs from writing exercises. I don’t want to read 2000+ words daily, in some culmination that might become an entire book. I don’t have that kind of time, really. I quite enjoy sudden fiction.


    • Thanks Joey. These will be rare posts. I never post excerpt from the books. Any little vignettes are subject to change when and if I write full stories. Maybe the Africa couple is in India, maybe the yak guy is on a distant planet. Who knows.

      I don’t like really long posts either. I’ve gotten better at keeping the 800 to 1000 words.


  6. I say bring it! And more about the blonde with the quinine…


  7. Yes. A thousand times yes, please. I love reading short vignettes in particular.


  8. Absolutely! It;s always inspirational to read how other authors evolve their creative processes. ๐Ÿ™‚


  9. Yep, it sounds like a plan to me. Go right ahead.

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