Okay, goofing off

I know Wednesday is one of my regular posting days. I’ve been goofing off, and didn’t even get my critique work finished.

Why! Sharknado II, of course. This is one of the worst movies ever made. It’s bad on purpose. I want to see it again.

It comes complete with dozens of celebrity cameos. Everything in it is unrealistic. Everything except for the fact they pumped Tara Reid full of painkillers and they didn’t phase her at all. That part seemed pretty realistic.

I may stay up until midnight to watch it again.


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9 responses to “Okay, goofing off

  1. You are nuts…a goofy kind of likeable nut.


    • This thing was so bad, it didn’t even pay attention to basic physics or gravity. It was burning up Twitter tonight.

      All of our books have to be better than this, and it’s popular. There’s hope for me yet.


  2. You made me LOL — a bit of a break is nice, even if it’s for Sharknado!


  3. Do you get Svengoolie where you live? { http://svengoolie.com/ } It’s on Saturday nights at 10:00 on METV. It is the hub of cheesy old horror movies. I’m sure you’d love it! šŸ˜€


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