Movie and shopping

Old What’s Her Face* wanted to do something today. Our standard fare is to go to a movie. What appealed to me was Planet of the Apes, (of course, I love science fiction.) Lucy, and Hercules. I read a review that Hercules sucks and the twelve labors have nothing to do with the story. My wife felt like without Kevin Sorbo it wouldn’t be worth her effort.

She was indifferent to either one of the remaining movies. I had to choose between a beloved franchise from my youth and Scarlet Johansen strutting around in tight clothes. (Some of us like Sorbo, and some of us like Johansen. Go figure.)

You know you’re getting old when apes win out over the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. I liked the movie. There is a great parallel when Caesar can’t controls his apes, and the humans can’t control their people either. No one wants war, but they get one anyway. The bad guy is an ape named Koba. He has this wonderful ability to act like a circus performer and be completely evil at the same time. It’s one of those movies that could wait for HBO, but it was good. I think it could use more female touches.

A quick dinner at The Outback, and it was off to Old Chicago for beer. My wife went shopping. She knows just how much time to give me before she has to show me something. A few beers, a nice meal, a fun afternoon together and she’s in charge.

It was more bath towels. Here’s a question for you: What’s worse than Bed Bath and Beyond?

Answer: Nothing.

We recently spent a small fortune on bath towels at BB&B. I considered raising my insurance to cover them. My wife won’t use them, because after multiple trips through the laundry, they’re still linty.

Old What’s Her Face dragged me to Macy’s. We wound up with twice as many towels for a third as much money. They were even on sale. I always liked Macy’s. We can mix and match for colors along with the BB&B towels. We don’t dare throw those out, they’re too expensive. I wonder if we can donate the BB&B towels to the Smithsonian for a tax write off?

I didn’t goof off completely today. I edited several chapters of my epic fantasy story, The Cock of the South. I’m kind of excited to get this one out there. I don’t write a lot of fantasy, but I really enjoyed this one.

I hope everyone else had a great Saturday too.

Note: Old What’s Her Face really wants either a new camper or a new bedroom set. I do too, but they don’t have enough beer in Boise for me to fall for that one.

* Not my wife’s actual name.


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16 responses to “Movie and shopping

  1. Sounds like a good day. Apes, beer. AND shopping.


  2. About to treat my husband to a similar day toady only, no movie instead cotbed shopping, baby clothes with a brief interlude in Yo Yo Sushi! 😉


  3. That toady was a typo lol. It was meant to be today, I don’t think I know you well enough to be rude to you just yet 😉


  4. I actually had a beer and opted for Lucy yesterday. I chose…wisely.


  5. Good on you for not goofing off and writing. I think fantasy reads better when it’s written by somebody who doesn’t typically write fantasy.


  6. Beer for you; shopping for her… What could be more perfect? 🙂


  7. My husband and I went to see the Ape movie followed by dinner at Outback. Are you us in a parallel universe??

    Alas, while I love Bed, Bath & Beyond, my husband would rather have pieces of bamboo wedged beneath his fingernails.

    You men just miss the finer points of life.


    • Yes. We are you in a parallel universe. I’m still as smart as I ever was when it comes to Bed Bath and Beyond.

      I’m still digging bamboo out from last month. Macy’s is much easier to digest.


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