What’s up With WordPress

I decided to change up from the title of last night’s post. WordPress has always been a little bit buggy. I’m used to the quirks by now. We all see it on occasion; you’ve had three visitors from seven different countries.

This week it’s getting kind of obnoxious. I’m not getting the little orange alerts for comments, likes, and follows. I try to respond to everyone, and I may miss someone. I promise you it isn’t intentional if I miss someone. The conversations are some of the best parts of blogging.

I experimented with this a bit. The error is only on the parts that belong to WordPress. If I go to my own blog, or one of yours, the alerts are there. They’re only missing in Reader, Stats, and places like that.

I’m having the most trouble with default reloads. I follow a ton of blogs. I like to see what the world is up to with my morning coffee. When I log into Reader and open one of your posts, Reader will return me to the very top (most recent) post. It used to take me back where I opened the post I read. This is something like reading a newspaper article, and then being forced to fold it up and place it on the doorstep and start over before being allowed to read the next article.

I can’t put up with this. The world is a bigger place than just Idaho. I have friends in time zones where their morning post happens as I’m going to bed. I have to catch it ten hours later. It’s maddening to have to scroll past a hundred posts to find where I left off, then do it all over again for the next one I want to read.

I’ve seen others who don’t like the new post button and some hokey message it displays. I learned from these posts that WordPress is doing some upgrades. (They don’t feel like upgrades) Here’s to hoping they get it all figured out soon.

In the mean time, if I miss your post, or fail to respond, I’m sorry.


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20 responses to “What’s up With WordPress

  1. I’ve been having the same problem for weeks with notifications for comments – I try and go back over recent older posts as often as I can, and there are always unanswered comments on them – really makes me so embarrassed to come across as so rude. Hopefully it will sort itself out eventually for both of us.


  2. The notifications seem to be working fine now. They weren’t for about a day, but they’re back to normal. I usually find that these little quirks last only a day or two and are solved fairly quickly.


  3. Ali Isaac

    I’ve had the same problem with notifications, even today… I thought I was imagining it! Glad it’s not just me though. A while ago, I wasn’t getting email alerts for the blogs I follow, even though it was switched on. This continued for quite a few months, the happiness engineers just kept telling me to turn it on, but it was already on. then one day, it started working. I’ve noticed the same thing with stats on occasion too, which defo makes you question how accurate they are. Still, on the whole, I love WP, and they really do try and help most of the time when things go wrong.


  4. I’m kind of wishing that they would give us some information (somehow) about the upgrades that are happening… so we’d have an idea of the changes happening and a time-frame. I don’t mind putting up with quirks and challenges as things are being fixed and adjusted, but it’s hard to not know if something is a change that is planning on remaining and therefore should be ADJUSTED to, or if it’s something that is temporary….


  5. Strange things happen here… Sometimes my likes are lost (when I like a post), I have 23 visitors from 24 countries, for two days, the reader automatically scrolled back to the top after reading a blog post and/or commenting. And still I love WP… 😉


  6. It might be worth trying the weekly digest e-mail. That’s how I try to do it. If you get them coming on different days you can cover lots of folks without the irritating uploading downloading time you’d have hopping from one page to another. And it’s in your e-mail client, so once it’s downloaded, if you want to, you can read them off line and comment later.




  7. I haven’t had those problems yet, but I expect them soon. I’ve been hearing about them from other people for about a month now and I know they’re coming. I guess we’ll all get through it together and by the time we learn the new system, they find another way to “improve” it. 🙂


  8. Yesterday in my Reader I scrolled through the first several posts and then found only those same ones repeated about 10 times. No other posts appeared but I subscribe to dozens. So, I guess I missed “yesterday” for most blogs. This has happened one other time about two weeks ago.

    If I stay open in Reader until I’m “done,” I don’t “lose” my place. If I close it, I’m doomed.

    Comments and other notifications are hit-and-miss, lately, for me as well, so I just check frequently, reply and shrug.

    I guess I’m of the age that I don’t expect electronic things to keep working or work well most of the time. We had to wait about five minutes (not exaggerating) for one webpage to load via dial-up in 1991. Then, it might or might load, might or might not stay loaded, might or might not scroll up and and down as desired. Par for the internet course. Not so different, now, is it? Just faster.

    The Java icon showing a steaming cup of coffee is like the downloading icon we would get (or just that horrible, colorful, spinning ball) letting us know this was going to take “a while.” We knew to go take a walk, get a cup of coffee, talk on the phone (a corded landline!), or read more of our physical book, then come back and see what managed to get “up.”

    Take care and don’t stress about it.



    • My biggest concern is not getting, or replying to, my comments. I don’t want anyone to think I’m being rude.

      I’m also from pre-computer days and remember those days well. Things are working now, but it’s sporadic.


  9. There are definitely glitches. It’s annoying. I still prefer the reader to the emails, though.
    A lot of times, I have 20 tabs open to blogs, and just keep scrolling til I’m caught up. It takes a good chunk of time, but I keep up with my faves.


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