This is not a book review blog, but…

There are so many bloggers out there with book reviews. It’s their thing, and they do it well. I don’t want to step on their toes. Sometimes though, you just find something that’s really good.

On Thursday I had some appointments, one to get my truck serviced, and a plan to stop by Chuck’s Barber Shop. For you kids out there, barbers are where we used to go for haircuts, prior to hairdressers taking over. A cluster of men wait their turn while everyone tells filthy jokes.

I knew Peterson Toyota would take about an hour, so I took my book with me. I managed forty five minutes of reading time, but they were pretty fast. They rotated my tires and washed it as part of the deal. I swear I spent longer at the barber shop.

What all this means is that I didn’t finish my book. I wanted to dedicate Friday to my own book, so I turned off all distractions and read like a madman. (A whole lot like a madman.)

This wasn’t just a reading death march. I read half a book in one evening, because it was that good.

I liked the posts Ali Issac made about her Conor Kelly books. The story sounded intriguing. I’m not one to start a series in the middle, so I bought Conor Kelly and the Four Treasures of Eirean.

Ali published Conor Kelly and the Fenian King this week. She’s smarter than I am, because she already had reviews lined up, and a small blog tour is going on right now.

For brevity, I call them Conor the first, and Conor the second. (Also for spelling sanity.) In the interest of full disclosure, Ali is a blogging friend of mine. Her outstanding blog is here. You should also check it out.

Conor the first is just a great book. It’s all about the mythology of Ireland, with it’s historic landmarks and fairies. The story is awesome too. Add them together and it was just an outstanding book.

Ali has been to all of these historic sites and blogs about them regularly. Her depictions of them in the book are vivid and genuine. I encourage my readers to check out the Conor Kelly books on Amazon. I made it easy and included links.

Note: while you’re logged into Amazon, my new book, Arson is available as of today.

I posted a five star review on Amazon, and you can read it there, because this is not a book review blog.


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8 responses to “This is not a book review blog, but…

  1. I love it when readers are excited enough about a book to share. It’s a warm fuzzy.


  2. Ali Isaac

    So you REALLY did like it! Thanks Craig, that post is better than a a book review lol!


  3. Well done Ali! What a brilliant reccomendation šŸ˜€


  4. I was reading about this on the story reading ape the other day (I think that’s where it was) and I thought it looked interesting. Thank you for the recommendation. I will keep an eye but probably wait until the last book (or close to) to download them all and have a binge.




  5. Ali’s awesome! šŸ™‚


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