Change of Plans

The plan was to work up something wacky about the writing cabin tonight. I had company almost all weekend, but I didn’t accomplish anything earth shattering. Still, I could talk about outlining a new story.

The problem is that I should be more worried about self publishing before I get down to serious outlining. Since last weekend was such a bust, I decided to change the rules.

I took time off around the weekend so I could move my next project ahead. I may be able to get Arson up on Amazon if I work at it.

Therefore, my plan is to work on Arson as much as I can from Thursday through Monday. That leaves a few week nights for reading after I get home.

If I pull this off, you might be able to read Arson next week. My fingers are crossed, and I hope some readers are also excited. This means I’ll have to add a promo page to my other stories too.

Remember the cool artwork I’ve been talking about for weeks? Here it is again.


Ooo Exciting! You want to read this.You want to tell your friends.

I’m also going to celebrate one small milestone tonight. Entertaining Stories acquired its 400th follower today. I know many blogs have thousands of followers, but it’s a big deal to me.


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16 responses to “Change of Plans

  1. Congrats on 400! Any follower is a big deal 😉


  2. YAY, Craig! Congratulations both on the Arson progress and on Follower #400!


  3. Ali Isaac

    Congratulations! Thats double the followers I have! Maybe in 10 years when you hit 4000 Ill be hitting 400… yaaaaay! Its not the quantity though, its the quality, and I have made some great friends through blogging so I am very grateful for what I have.

    Your cover for Arson is great! Get it on Amazon forthwith, my friend! And good luck!


  4. Congrats, Craig! ⭐


  5. Congrats on your 400! Can’t wait for the new read! 😀


  6. Nice job! And 400 followers is better than me. I have 150 something, if I take off the twitter followers.




  7. Congrats! 400 is nothing to sneeze at!


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