Another month bites the dust

The thunderstorms of June are gone now. Oh sure, there could be a stray one here or there. July is all about heat here in Idaho. The morning weather is predicting over 100° for Wednesday.

We’ll probably have to water our hanging baskets morning and night if they aren’t going to dry up completely.

It won’t be long before fire season takes a foothold. I decided the background for July should indicate the summer heat. It would have been easy enough to put up some fireworks for the Fourth of July. That just seems like the easy way out.

Enjoy the parched western desert from Death Valley as my July background.


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9 responses to “Another month bites the dust

  1. Your background looks an awful lot like the drought-stricken central California farmlands.


  2. Makes me thirsty just looking at it.


  3. Aaaaah… I can almost feel the heat from here! Can you send some our way? This clear 71 is freezing me to death! 🙂


  4. Yeah, that’s what it feels like here in Florida. I was out at 3:30 AM the other night, and it was already over 90 degrees and humid!


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