Promoting Panama

It’s time to do a promotion for Panama. I’ve played with Amazon’s free option, and now it’s time to try a Kindle Countdown deal.

I want all my blog friends to get first shot at this and I’m posting it here first. Panama will be available for 99 cents on the morning of June 23rd. The time will be different all around the world, and I’m on Mountain Daylight time in the U.S.A.

It goes up approximately one dollar every thirteen hours until it reaches its original price.

Here’s what to expect for your 99 cents:

This is a story about two old army buddies. They live in different parts of the country, and are asked by Theodore Roosevelt to look into some strange happenings at the Panama Canal construction zone.

They run into prejudices. Ethan was a Rough Rider, and Coop was a black Buffalo Soldier. They also run into an army of captured souls controlled by a demon. The demon is controlled by a Spanish zealot who wants to place a Carlist pretender to the thrones of Spain and France in power. He intends to recapture Spain’s new world colonies and make Spain into a dominant world power once more.

On top of all this, Panama wants to gain independence from Colombia. There are more than enough armies to go around. Add in the occasional dangerous creature, a poisonous snake or two, and the boys have their work cut out for them.

This story is filled with magic of an international flavor, and there are enough gunfights to keep the adventure lovers happy.

Panama is intended to be a buddy story. Niether man stands much of a chance alone, but together they might just get out alive.

What do you say? 99 cents, and you might just have a few hours of fun.


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13 responses to “Promoting Panama

  1. Ali Isaac

    Good luck!


  2. Good luck! Please keep us updated with how it goes! 😀


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