Meanwhile, in the Real World

Old What’s Her Face* and I decided to head into the mountains again today. Too much blogging and publishing stuff makes Craig a dull boy. I’m sure I missed reading some of your posts today.

Last time out it was early and dry. We’ve had a bit of rain lately, followed by some sunny weather and decided to give the morels another chance. Our usual places were wash outs; not a single mushroom in sight, including the kind we don’t want.

We decided to head for a semi dangerous canyon I know of. It has avalanche danger year round, but I’ve really cleaned up there in the past. The snow was gone and the road should have been good.

Fifteen miles before we got there we saw a sign that said “Road Closed Ahead.” I assumed they meant my spot; we decided to go part way and trust to luck. This place burned about five years ago, and burns are the best places. We found one small spot that looked like it re burned last summer. We were over 7000 feet in elevation.

We wound up with a small haul, but they were great big ones. I’ve seen times when you could fill a large Gott cooler, but this wasn’t one of those times. With the weather as weird as it has been, I think we were pretty lucky. The ones we found were already dry, but that’s no problem with morels. They rehydrate in anything. You can use cream, chicken stock, beef broth, wine, whatever.

Let’s look at some pictures.

The Morel in its Natural Habitat

The Morel in its Natural Habitat


A Fair Haul for 2014

The Mother of all Morels

The Mother of all Morels

When I washed them, I could feel them rehydrating in my hand. I shoved them in the refrigerator for now. We’re off to Old Chicago to work on my next beer tee shirt.

The funniest thing that happened today was Old What’s Her Face eating pork skins on the way home. She got crumbs down her bra and said, “I got chicharones in my chee chees.” She then proceeded to lift up her shirt and bra to clean the crumbs out. I’m sure the oncoming traffic appreciated it almost as much as I did.

* Not my wife’s actual name


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11 responses to “Meanwhile, in the Real World

  1. Those are some large mushrooms. And, seriously, her “chee chees”? (And no, I wasn’t referring to your wife’s chee chees as large mushrooms.)


  2. Gaha! Funny!!! Never had morels, but having grown up in Missouri, apparently the hunting is pretty good there. The point is the hunt, I think. One with nature and all that. Your wife sounds like quite the gal! 😀 She really made me smile.


  3. OOO! Lucky you! Stroganoff with the real thing. “Chee chees?” That’s a new one for the wet t-shirt contest.


  4. LOL! Thanks for the laugh! I can empathize with your wife. Sometimes ya just gotta do that!


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