A Little Bit of Magic

I was invited to do something really fun by fellow writer and blogger D. S. Nelson. She’s a mystery writer, and her current project is a series called the Blake Hetherington Mysteries. You can check them out right here: link.

She does this fun bit called That Just Leaves Friday. It’s a play on the word leaves, referring to tea leaves. She reads her tea leaves and interprets them for everyone. Her word is tasseography, but I prefer tasseomancy. It sounds more mysterious. She honestly uses both words, but doesn’t tasseomancy sound so much cooler. Maybe it’s just fitting for the kind of stories I write.

I had just written a bit in Will ‘O the Wisp that’s similar to tasseomancy when I discovered her blog. I’ve been a follower ever since.

My assignment was pretty simple. First, have a cup of tea. I swirled the leaves three times and asked myself what I saw. I provided her with pictures and sent them to her, along with a description of what I saw.

My results will be posted on her blog this Friday. You should go visit her and follow her. Actually, follow her because she’s cool, but that way you won’t miss my reading either.


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14 responses to “A Little Bit of Magic

  1. Sounds like great fun! 🙂


  2. Ali Isaac

    That does sound cool! Is there anything that cant be done via the internet these days?!! Never had my tea leaves read before… migbt have pop over to her log and have a go…

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  3. The reason I follow your blog, is that everything is about reading and writing. the posts are clear.


  4. Looking forward to hosting your leaves in a bit of Friday Tasseomancy 😉


  5. Well how cool! It sounds like a lot of sun. My grandma used to tell me when she would visit her grandma, the ladies would do that and it was so much fun to her. But then again, having no TV back then, I’m sure a lot of things were considered “fun”. LOL! 😀 I’ve followed your friend and can’t wait to hear what your tea leaves say. 🙂


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