Random thoughts

I get a whole hour for lunch today. Since I like to post something on Wednesdays, I decided to do it now.

I assume people are getting tired of the ongoing posts about editing. Rather than tell you all about it, I’ll say that I’ve been arguing with Doubt, the raven. He thinks I should delete part of my next book, Arson. I think, since this is a downward spiral with the character arc, it’s important to show the main character, Perry, at the height of his glory. We’re still fighting.

I learned a new trick. It will probably only work while I have old stories to publish. If I edit one chapter, then switch stories for a chapter, I don’t fall into my trap of getting into the story more than the edits.


There were two deer in the parking lot when I got to work this morning. A mule deer doe and buck. He had small velvet antlers that weren’t quite as long as his ears.


Why do I get fairy knots in my beard this time of year? I’ve been cutting two or three out every day. I swear, taking care of this thing is like having another pet some days.

Note to self: Make an effort to placate the fairies.


My Sunday post was titled “Giant Nuclear Lizard and Bed, Bath and Beyond”. It might have been more interesting if I’d written “Giant Nuclear Lizard at Bed, Bath and Beyond.”


My wife gave me a shamrock plant for St. Patrick’s Day. I’m proud to admit it’s still alive and still flowering. I’m afraid I threw several of these away once they died. I learned they’re actually a bulb of some kind and didn’t die. I’m going to try letting it rest when it fades, and seeing if I can keep it.

On a sad note, I think my old pitcher plant finally bit the dust. I’ve overwintered it in the vegetable crisper for five years now, and it always comes back. This year, it sent up two early pitchers, and they turned brown and shriveled. Maybe five years is a good run for a pitcher plant. It was the only carnivorous plant I’ve ever been able to keep alive.

Note to self: We need some carnivorous plants out at the writing cabin. It could give a whole new meaning to plants like deer brush and buffalo grass.


I found a couple victims volunteers for the Writing Process Blog Tour. My turn is this weekend, and then I’ll pass it on to them. I have a couple wonderful people to introduce to you guys.


That’s it. I said it would be a random thoughts, and I think I was true to my genre. All completed within the scope of a lunch hour.


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3 responses to “Random thoughts

  1. But you didn’t tell us… What was for lunch?

    That editing trick sounds like a good one. I’m going back and forth between editing two right now, myself, and want all the editing done before I start on the new stories. And it’s driving me a little nuts! Kudos to you for keeping your sanity.

    Did you get a picture of the deer? How cool!

    Johnson’s No More Tangles isn’t just for little girls. It works well on beards, too.

    I thought the Bed, Bath and Beyond blog post was pretty entertaining, actually.

    I have a black thumb…The fact that you’ve kept your shamrock plat alive is incredible to me. I’d have killed it the first week.

    Can’t wait to read your Blog Tour answers!

    Random or not, nice post! 😀


    • Lunch was left over grilled potato salad from a potluck.

      The deer headed out before I could get a picture. I have some others from the office.

      I’ve been using conditioner and jojoba oil. It’s just lately with the humidity drop. I may try your tip.

      I’d have probably wound up with Godzilla buying foot callous pads or something, so it’s for the best.

      I hope I meet everyone’s expectations with my Blog Tour answers.


      • Yum!

        That’s too bad. 😦

        Yes, try it. It works and you don’t have to lose pieces of your beard in the process.

        THAT would be funny!

        I am positive you will. 🙂


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