Check This Out

Karen over at My Train of Thoughts On, and In a Small Compass  invited me to her blog today.

She has this cool series for writers she calls Ten Statements. I had to give a brief bio, a motto, and finish the ten statements about myself. Here’s the link to my Ten Statements.

She also had some nice preliminary things to say about Wild Concept.

I’d appreciate it if you’d all go visit Karen’s blogs and give her a follow. Just do it, she’s nice.

Now it’s time to pay attention to Old What’s Her Face. It’s our 21st wedding anniversary tonight.


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11 responses to “Check This Out

  1. Happy Anniversary to you and the Mrs.!!! As for your ten statements, I already checked those out before I got here and you were magnificent! Of course, I expected nothing less. Great post(s)! 😀


  2. Congrats, Craig! Happy wedding anniversary!
    Thanks for your kind words. 🙂


  3. Good statements there! I love sitting around campfires too, in fact I have a photo of me doing just that on one of my past blog posts. Happy wedding anniversary 🙂


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