Trying Something New

When promoting items for sale, it’s usually a good idea to try something new. Sure, the tried and true will bring an expected result, but you’ll also never exceed that method.

Doobster is trying a new writing prompt he calls Sports Shorts. If I weren’t neck deep in book promotion, I’d write something for him. He’s been very supportive over here. Check it out. Maybe you’ll want to send him a flash fiction. (Look, I supported him anyway. I’ll try to jump on a future prompt.) He inspired this thought.

I decided to try something new myself. I’m promoting my books. To celebrate the arrival of Panama, Wild Concept is free all next week. That’s kind of a tried and true promotion. Get your free copy starting tomorrow.

I love art and artists. I find inspiration for my stories through art all the time. There are some awesome artists on WordPress. There is a photograph I found on Deviantart that inspired my whole last manuscript, Will ‘O the Wisp.

Here’s where it gets different. In the blog world, Lisa from Wild Concept just got back from vacation. Get your crayons out and show me what she did. She told me she went to several comic book conventions, and stopped by Las Vegas to play blackjack.

Did she sing karaoke? Jam with a blues band? Pose with one of your original characters? Enter a cosplay contest? Ride the roller coasters? Pose for Maxim magazine? What? You regular readers know her from the blog. (Let’s keep it PG)

Bonus points if Lisa appears with one of your original characters. She hangs out with dwarves, monsters, and all kinds of things at the writing cabin. Maybe your link will sell a couple books for you.

I’ll post any pictures here on the blog and include whatever link you’d like included. I don’t care if the art is pencils, dough men, photography, paper dolls, or Legos. This is just a bit of fun. Be as silly or serious as you’d like.

Maybe it will help a budding new cover artist. We writers all need cover art sooner or later. Tell your colleagues, friends, and grandchildren. This only works if people participate.

My email address is Coldhand <dot> Boyack <at> gmail <dot> com. Send the art there and I’ll post it on the blog. You can also ask detailed description questions about Lisa if you want some guidance.

This succeeds or fails depending on participation. Wow, it’s almost like American Idol for artists, except you get promotion instead of a big prize.


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2 responses to “Trying Something New

  1. Thanks for the mention, my friend. Let’s see. I can see Lisa doing karaoke or even posing for Maxim…multiple times since she seems to be able to alter her appearance. I wish I could score bonus points, but, alas, I don’t have any original characters. Just me, and I’m not very original, although some think I’m one of a kind.


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