Just Hanging Out

I’m stalling about writing my next story. I have all this work to do getting the old stuff on Amazon. I promised myself I would do it this year. If I’m writing, I can find an easy excuse to avoid my other work.

I’m still waiting for cover art, but the preliminary stuff looks pretty cool. I already blogged about what I need to do once Panama is ready to go.

The copyright holder needs about six weeks to decide if I can quote their song lyrics in Will ‘O the Wisp. Since this is my most recent work, I have time available.

I’m leaving my two other stories alone, for now. I’ll tackle them one at a time when it’s their turn.

I’ve written down a bunch of character outlines for my next story. Hey, I’m concentrating on the old stories – I’m not dead. I also wrote notes about situations I’d like to see. I refuse to start outlining just yet. That would be enough to push me into writing.

Lately, I’ve been watching over my shoulder for Lorelei*. She likes me writing, and I’m afraid she’s going to abduct me, or hit me with a car. She’s never been subtle.

I recently blogged about starting stories, and related them to some television shows. I had to record things this week and have only watched Salem. That’s it for me. I’m not watching Salem again. Dull snarling characters don’t do it for me. There are some cool concepts, but I’m just not entertained.

So right now, I’m just hanging out. I chose a pretty mayfly for my May wallpaper. It looks bad on my iPad, but great on the Mac. Would one of you PC folks let me know how it looks on your screen, please? I might be able to adjust it if it’s bad.

Old What’s Her Face** is watching American Idol tonight. It’s not my deal, so I’m making a cup of Golden Monkey tea, and I’m off to read your blogs.

* Lorelei is my Muse

** Not my wife’s actual name.


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10 responses to “Just Hanging Out

  1. The mayflies are cool in a creepy sort of bug happy way. 😀


    • I’ll take creepy. Along western streams they mean fly fishing, and come in large swarms. I’m glad it looks okay.


      • I like it. We used to fish with them in Georgia. I can recall them swarming around the outdoor lights where I once worked night shift. I guess they fish with them here in Florida for fresh water fishing. I don’t do that anymore. We have a boat, but it is all salt water and brackish water fishing…no fresh water fishing anymore.


  2. Ali Isaac

    I wouldnt be at all surprised if you give in to your urges and start fleshing out that story plan sooner rather than later! (Just reading between the lines, thats all!)


  3. Mayfly on PC: Good! 😉




  4. That’s good at least that the music copyright holder didn’t give you an automatic NO, right? The mayflies look good, though I had no clue that’s what they were. (I’ve never heard of mayflies!) Good luck “waiting”! 😀


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