Thinking Ahead

I’m blogging about this today as a way of making notes to myself. I have some things to do after I get cover art for Panama.

I’ll have to edit Wild Concept and add a download link to Panama. I found a couple of typos in there that I’ve already repaired. I intend to reload the whole text to accomplish this. If I’m making a mistake, someone warn me.

When the Panama text is ready, I need to add a link to Wild Concept. If someone enjoys one of my books, I might as well make it easy to find the other one.

I’ll probably procrastinate and write the Panama blurb last.

I need to look at my “About Me” page on this blog and see how I can warn tell people about Panama. This page gets more traffic than all the rest.

I need to find a new way to add the book covers as a link on the sidebar. I’m not too fond of the widget I used the first time. I’m open to a recommendation for a new one. The Wild Concept image is just too big. I used the Image widget for Wild Concept. I know I can have more than one, but they’re huge.

I read somewhere that I can copy the whole thing from the image widget, and paste it into a link; thereby, making a roster of image links. This might work well, but I’d imagine there is some photo resizing required.

I’m planning to play around with the Kindle Select options when Panama goes live. I may give away Wild Concept for three days to provide a little fanfare. Popular opinion is that this works. I’m considering giving Wild Concept a permanent lower price too. It will be the old story now.

It might be time to revisit my Gravitar too. I might be able to get it working for me somehow.

I anticipate a week or thereabouts before I get the cover art. If I’m lucky this can be next weekend’s work.

I’ve already got an idea for some May wallpaper to keep the blog fresh. I’m going to be super busy with my real world job for the next two weeks. I may update the wallpaper before May officially arrives.

Does anyone have any other suggestions to set up my blog for the new arrival? I’m open to Amazon suggestions too if you have them.


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4 responses to “Thinking Ahead

  1. Have you done a Kindle countdown deal yet? It can get you some more exposure.I can’t do it because I am not in the Select program, but I know it has worked for others.


    • I’ve been thinking about it. I can do three free days, and I’m allowed to do the countdown. Maybe I need to do both and keep notes about what works.

      Cover art first, cover art first, keep calm Craig. Don’t listen to the raven of Doubt.


  2. Tell that raven to take a powder, but don’t listen to it, no matter what!


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