Feeling a bit lost

I got a lead on some early morel mushrooms growing in downtown Boise. When I got up this morning, there was a thick layer of frost on the lawn. It was enough to make my crabapple wilt.

My whole attitude changed and so did my plans. Gathering morels isn’t as much about possession as having a nice day outdoors. At least that’s my attitude. I decided to go to the writing cabin.

It felt strange to be there with nothing to write. I wandered into the paranormal room and sat at my desk. Doubt* glared at me from his favorite tusk inside the huge hippo head.

“I don’t think it’s time for editing yet, buddy,” I said.

Kaw Kaw

The enchanted window showed a group of Druids gathering around a ring of stones. It was calm and serene. Even the window wasn’t working up an image of violence and disaster. I opened it and looked across the meadow. The ice age bison were dropping their calfs. The babies would be an obstacle on the runway again in a few weeks.

Bento** walked in and started building a fire.

“Don’t bother,” I said. “I’m going back to my main office today.”

“Would you like a fire in there?” He asked.

“Sure. We can use the coffee maker in the lounge. Maybe something simple for lunch.”

I closed the window, rolled the desk top closed, and turned the alchemy artwork off. I stopped at the door and motioned for Doubt. “Come on.” He winged his way to his perch in the main office.

I cleaned and filled my fountain pens and carried my iPad to the lounge chair. I finished reading another book. The six pack formatting makes it nearly impossible to tell which book I read. I liked it, and it was by Scott Nicholson. It was about a haunted hotel called the Whitehorse Inn.

A few intriguing ideas stuck with me, so I made some notes in my new paranormal cheat sheet. I had a few flourishes to add to Will ‘O the Wisp. I used the word search to find the right spot, and really improved Patty’s encounter with a ghostly presence.

Bento brought us each a cup of coffee and sat on the couch. “How are you progressing with getting Panama ready for Amazon?”

“I hired a cover artist,” I said. “He should have some thumbnails ready any day now.”

“What do you have planned for the cover?”

“I think El Chivato has to be on there somehow.”

“The demon? Not the Marshals?”

“The idea is to give readers some idea of what the story involves, and what kind of story it is. I don’t want someone to think it’s a romance or a robotics story. If I put the Marshals on there, someone might think it’s a crime story.”

“I suppose you know best.”

I gazed at Doubt on his bronze tree branch. “Yeah, well, I hope so.”

“There are many strange things you could include; the jungle men, the Kuna Indians, the witch, the Spaniards.” He held his palm out and paused, “you could even include some of the equipment, like the train or the vortex guns. Maybe even the construction zone.”

I smiled and said, “All good ideas, but the cover can’t be too busy. When it appears as a thumbnail, readers have to be able to see it.” I pulled up the Amazon site and showed him.

“I see your point. So when are you going to push the publish button?”

“When the cover’s ready. Probably shortly after that.”

Crick cruk, crick cruck, Doubt sounded.

“Sounds like he disagrees,” Bento said.

“That’s the maddening part about him. Nothing’s ever perfect, and there’s always that nagging doubt about what else you might do. What one last thing would make the story perfect?”

“So all you need is a cover?”

I glanced at Doubt and said, “I’ll make one more pass through the story before I publish.”

We both stared at Doubt and waited. He never made any noise.

Bento slapped his knees and stood up. “I used that Google thing you showed me and looked up hot dogs. I know you love them, so I’ll fix them for lunch. I also bought some nice Porter to wash it down with. Then, after we eat, I need to use the electronic vacuuming machine.”

Bento headed for the employee lounge and the beer horns came running.

I pointed at them and said, “Quiet you two. I need to check my email and Bento will fill you with beer.” They ran after Bento into the lounge.

* Doubt is a raven. He was a gift from my Muse.

** Bento is a supporting character in Panama. Coming soon to a Kindle near you.


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12 responses to “Feeling a bit lost

  1. I love this! It’s so whimsical and light. And yet, as a writer, I know some of the struggles that take place when the mind isn’t quite ready to tackle the day’s events. What kind of beer was it?


  2. Wow, I didn’t realize the cabin was equipped with an employee lounge! That’s a shame about your mushroom outing being spoiled, but great news about your cover artist being nearly done! YAY Team Craig! Woo Hoo! Great post! πŸ˜€


  3. Clever. Too bad about the tree…but morels? Yum. I don’t think I’d have chosen the cabin πŸ˜‰


  4. Where have you been? Out picking mushrooms again? πŸ˜‰ I hope all’s well with you and your family. πŸ˜€


  5. Amid all the other things I do, there is a full time job. In fact, I’m going to be really busy there for the next two weeks.


  6. I love the asterisks (how very Terry Pratchett of you!) that get me up speed on all your characters. And your characters have input on your book covers? Now you’re scaring me! πŸ˜‰


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