Magical Words?

One of my favorite writing blogs has always been Magical Words. It’s a group blog where the members get a specific day to post, and the members rotate Monday through Friday.

The members have changed over the years, and someone will even do a guest post on occasion. I’ve lurked there for about five years, but never signed up to participate in the conversations. I already have too many passwords to remember as it is.

What appealed to me originally was that it had a definite fantasy – science fiction – paranormal bent to it. I’ve learned quite a lot from the daily posts. In fact the header used to say “Magical Words – Writing Fantasy.”

There were plenty of book releases and cover announcements, and even these are interesting. There was one guy that made every post about selling me his book. It sounded like a good book too, but I got so turned off by the huckster approach I never bought the book.

Several times one of the regulars would go into a series of posts that were wonderful; creating believable magic systems, plausible science fiction, etc.

Things get stale, and it seems like they’ve tried to revamp the site a bit now. The posts have drifted off in some other directions. One of the regulars is trying to release 9 novels in 12 months. Nine stories equates to nine innings, but they are steamy baseball romance novels. Where’s the genre specific stuff?

I know that I can still learn something from writers of all stripes. I’ve been reading outside the genre I normally write in for that reason. I follow some wordpress blogs that stray from my comfort zone too.

Is Magical Words still Magical Words? I’m not so sure. There are good writers there, and they share pearls of wisdom on occasion, so I’ll stay. I just find myself browsing the daily post and not necessarily reading it.

I’m sure there’s a blog warning in there somewhere. The trick is to mix things up, throw the curve sometimes to keep it interesting; however, you also have to stay true to your mission. To abandon your original mission is to risk losing your original audience. This may be why we’ve never seen Star Trek – the musical. Someone would love it, but the huge original fan base may not.


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3 responses to “Magical Words?

  1. Good grief – if they come out with a musical of Star Trek, I’m going to hang myself! I hate when blogs or other websites change like that without asking our permission. How dare they!

    Now I have a question for you… Is your interest in the paranormal merely for writing? Or have you had any personal experiences? 🙂


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