A Little Blogging Help, Please

When I post something and include pictures, it ruins my formatting from the picture southward. I’ve edited the posts and added extra returns to prove I know what a paragraph is. The repair doesn’t take.

Can anyone offer some advice so this won’t happen again? Advice on repairing my older posts is also welcome.

Update: I went to the Forum, and Timethief helped me out. In the visual editor, it requires a “shift/enter” to do what I need. She also said in the text editor, it would only take adding the return.

Thanks to everyone for your help in this. I still have some things to check out, based upon your suggestions.


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15 responses to “A Little Blogging Help, Please

  1. Are you using a PC or a tablet to post and edit? I remember you writing something about using a different tool…BlogPro, or something like that…to post. I don’t particularly care for the recent photo insert changes WP has made, but I don’t have a similar issue with my pictures. I do all of my posting and editing from a Windows laptop.


    • I usually use an iPad. I’ve been using Blogpad lately too. (extra credit for paying attention)

      I may try the WordPress app again, since it’s been recently updated. I have access to a PC, and may have to do it that way for posts with images.


      • I’ve actually never tried adding a picture to a post using an iPad. I’m not too crazy about the WordPress iPad app. I may do some rough drafts on my iPad if I am not at my desk, but I polish it up before publishing using my Windows laptop. And I do put a lot of pictures (usually two or three) on my posts.

        Good luck.


      • Thanks. This community is great. I’ve already gotten a couple of suggestions.


  2. I always set it to wrap round the text format left on WordPress and usually it behaves after that. You click the photo in the post, click on the pencil and then choose justify left and save.




  3. I think when you go into dashboard it will let you format the picture.


    • It will, but that isn’t my problem. It eliminates the paragraph spacing after I load a photo. All my paragraphs run together. Before the first picture, its all fine. There’s a trick to this somewhere. Maybe I need to write it all out, then put the pictures in last.


  4. I blog on my laptop, and when spacing isn’t right, I go into the text tab, northeast of the writing space, and fix it in code.


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