Wow, just Wow!

I’ve mentioned, on occasion, how I find little things that get my creative mind working. This one is about a completely new human organ, being developed in a lab. They call it a mini heart, they think they can use it to improve veinous circulation.

My science fiction and paranormal circuits are firing on all cylinders. Check the article out for yourselves: Mini Hearts


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7 responses to “Wow, just Wow!

  1. Holy cats that’s cool!


  2. That definitely deserves a “Wow” or two.


  3. M. T., Doobster, and Raevenly,

    I understand the positive influences this could have. It’s really very exciting. My mind wants to write a story about something like this. Unfortunately, my mind is likely to write a scary story about it.


  4. WHATTTTTTT?! That’s wild!


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