Three Important Things

I’ll get to the main one first, since some of you skim. I responded to Rachel Carrera’s request for writers to appear on her blog. She asked me to address a sequence of questions, and promote my writing a bit.

My guest appearance is Friday, March 21st. Please check out Rachel’s blog and tell her I said, “Hi.” Here’s the link: Rachel Carrera, Novelist.

Next: I’m going to be a bit quieter this weekend. My father turns 80 this weekend, and we’re going to his party. This requires a visit to Nevada, some food, and adult beverages.

I’m not saying I’ll be silent, but there won’t be any new fiction written to discuss. You can always visit Rachel Carrera, Novelist, if you get bored.

Finally: I sent a long email to Lisa*. I told her I wouldn’t be around at all this weekend, and probably wouldn’t be available until the 28th. She’s going to use the tractor and plow the runway out at the cabin. That way it can dry for a week or so.

Oh, Lisa says “Hi”.

* Lisa is the main character in my novel, Wild Concept. She’s a robot and works as my assistant these days. Check it out on Amazon.


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5 responses to “Three Important Things

  1. Thank you, Craig… I’ll be sure to mind the store while you’re gone. 🙂 Please wish your dad an amazing 80th from the blogosphere! Have a great trip! 😀


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