Just because it’s Monday

I usually post a little something on Mondays. This Monday is a bit different, because of the time change. I’m writing on my Wednesday day off. That usually leads to a visit to the writing cabin.

So we’re back to Monday. I toyed with the idea of why I hate the banning of certain words based on political correctness. There’s news today about an effort to turn the word “bossy” into a hate word. I’m feeling the hate already, but not for the reason they intended.

This line of reasoning would lead me into racial slurs, and other words with new political meanings. I think discretion is where I’ll stand today. Maybe some other time. Too heavy tonight.

I decided to tell everyone how “retro” I really am. Do any of these symptoms sound like you?

I have a box of antique straight razors I used to shave with. I used nothing else for about eight years before swearing off shaving alltogether. I never have used anything but bay rum afterward either.

I have half a dozen pocket watches. All of them require winding and don’t have batteries. I wore one of them daily for about ten years. The others were all used sporadically.

I recently showed everyone my sourdough starter, Tituba. I also showed you how I occasionally use a rock to cook with.

I drove clients around throughout the 1990s in my 1956 Cadillac Sedan deVille. I used to show it in places like Hot August Nights, in Reno. I sold it, but found it a good home.

I’ve made drinkable mead in a plastic bucket once.

I have a wonderful pickling crock to make fermented vegetables. I really like the sauerkraut it makes, and want to try kimchi one day. I made the stomping bat for kraut myself out of a root I cut along the Boise River.

I love foraging, and gather wild fruit, berries, and mushrooms every year.

I hunt and fish on occasion too. (Using side by side shotguns) I only got out once last year, but there was ruffed grouse with wild oyster mushrooms for dinner that night.

I have several six shooters, and made my own grips for all of them. One is even a cap and ball Colt Navy.

I have a gold pan and I’m not afraid to use it.

I have a new fountain pen that I’m writing character studies down with these days.

I have a hat rack with about a dozen nice hats on it. (There are more in the closet) I wear them all too.

I still wear glasses. I’ve never looked into contacts or LASIK.

Some of this stuff finds its way into my fiction. I love retro things like maps and compasses, and know how to use them.

My retro attitude doesn’t completely define me though. I’m writing this on my iPad, which I upgraded to OS 7.1 an hour ago. The iPhone is upgrading right now. My truck has almost all the modern cool stuff on it. ( no GPS though)

I suppose what I’m trying to say is that I have life experiences. These items aren’t just collectables. I’ve used all of them. I think this helps with my fiction. Have any of you turned your eccentricities into part of your fiction? Tell me about it in the comments, and it doesn’t have to be retro stuff.


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5 responses to “Just because it’s Monday

  1. I have an unhealthy obsession with cars! As a result everyone in my book drives what are, really, little more than glorified James Bond cars. I’m extremely anal about what they look like, describing each one exactly. The male lead drives my dream car, the baddie something which, in this version of reality is a very obscure and very beautiful Mercedes… so on ad infinitum!




  2. I caught a very interesting clip on NPR this summer about foraging in the city (like NYC). That’s cool you like to do that. =)


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