Critique Group

Today was my monthly critique group. I always look forward to these sessions, because I learn so much. It isn’t just what they have to say about my submission. What gets said about other submissions is sometimes just as meaningful.

It’s always amazing how multiple people see the same issues. This is when you really want to pay attention. Sometimes when one person mentions something it can be taken with a grain of salt. When two or three say the same thing, it matters.

For me, it sounds like I have a couple rough transitions to smooth out. I can work on that over the weekend.

I’m torn over what to submit next month. One of the guys read my entire novel. I don’t want to make him critique it 3000 words at a time after he already read it. I really needed the 1000 foot flyover by someone who read the whole thing, and his comments made me feel really good about it.

I’ll probably put The Cock of the South away for a couple months. I need to edit two other tales and get them ready for Amazon. That means my critique group will be the first ones to see bits of Will ‘O the Wisp.

I’m kind of nervous, because I haven’t written much from a first person point of view. I like to play with all the tools in the box, and this is one I really want to try out. At least I can trust them to tell me where I’m not quite getting it right. There’s always a special concern about a first chapter too. Will they like Patty, will there be enough setting, enough stress and strife?

I know there’s only one way to find out. They’re a great bunch of guys, and I know they’ll set me straight if I blew it.

Does anyone else get nervous about sending something new into the world for the first time? I’m pretty sure I’m not unique here.


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11 responses to “Critique Group

  1. I love reading other authors’ issues and being able to relate to them and knowing I’m not alone. Man, I get absolutely nervous when I send my precious work into the world! Weirdest feeling ever. 😀


  2. Oh yeah – inviting people into my world for the first time is the scariest thing ever. The only reason I can ever do it is the characters whispering in the back of my mind how excited they are to come out and meet the world – I could never deny them, ya know?


  3. I shared a bit about my first chapter in a work in progress after I pulled what I thought was an info dump, and they told me it needed more info….so I know my personal judgement is not as keen as theirs.>>LOL great to have in your corner though 🙂


  4. I absolutely get nervous, but I also get incredibly excited. I’m always way too close to my own work to be objective, so hearing other peoples thoughts is invaluable. Kudos, my man!


  5. I’ve been working with a critique group for a while now and at first I was super nervous. my group is so awesome, they’ve helped me improve my writing, just because I know what they’re looking for, and I write with them in mind. they are all so supportive, they boost my confidence even after they tear my work apart. they’ve also helped me thicken my skin so when I finally do publish, the negative reviews may not drive me into depression. good luck picking out your next submission. if you’ve made improvements to what one guy has already critiqued, I don’t think its a bad idea to have him review again. he could tell you if it works better or not than before.


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