Some Days are Rocks

I’ve been listening to Tom Petty. You might guess that from the last few titles.

After my Wednesday marathon, where I wrote 6600 new words, today was inevitable. On Wednesday, I moved my plot forward using the outline. Today spent a large number of hours fixing all the crap I wrote.

Now that I’ve taken such a large detour from the outline, a change must be made. This is the big secret about being an outliner. You don’t delete the good stuff – you change the outline.

The characters develop minds of their own. They have a certain way of reacting to the world around them. Think of it this way, a dark and broody woman isn’t going to turn all sugar and spice, just because the outline needs her to. Change the outline.

My outlines are just beats that I want to hit. Sometimes I go directly to them, and sometimes I take the long way around.

There is a writing site that I love. It’s very popular, but I never hear bloggers talking about it. It is the Absolute Write Water Cooler.

Deviation: I see we’ve updated the WordPress App and the ability to link is impaired somehow. It is If I can figure it all out, I’ll make a hotlink somehow.

I usually just lurk at the Water Cooler, but today I had a question. I got a dozen helpful answers in the scope of an hour. If you’ve never checked it out before, you should.

Since it’s February, I changed my wallpaper again. I’m an Olympics junkie, so that’s what you get for a month.

I’ll probably post something from the writing cabin this evening. There were a few new words written today, but not what I expected.

Edit: This is all bullshit. I’ve added links to my posts before, and I cannot add a link now. If anyone’s smarter than me, would you mind sharing your decoder ring? All I had to do before was touch the symbol, but now it’s lighter and does nothing. I switched to text mode, and it works there – but it doesn’t display after I update. Then I tried visual again and highlighted a word. I hit the link button and the small menu opened. I added the data and updated. It just vanishes.

Edit X2: after about three hours of trying the same things over and over, I finally added the link. On about the tenth try of highlighting the selected words, it worked. Originally, I was able to do this in the app, without highlighting anything. Any tips are still most welcome.


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4 responses to “Some Days are Rocks

  1. If you check out the link below, you will see why I avoid such places. I can’t stand the negativity in some of these places.


  2. I’m sorry you feel that way. Like I said, I’m a lurker there, and I’ve learned a lot from reading posts in my areas of interest. They were all very helpful today. I made the decision to go with WordPress based upon opinions I found there.


  3. My characters always wander off and do their own thing. Usually I know the beginning and end travel the rest as an intrigued passenger, watching events unfold.




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