Trying to improve

I make mistakes, but I try to catch them. Some slip through, and it bugs the crap out of me.

I constantly type “it’s” when I want “its”. For some reason that damned apostrophe slips in there too often. It’s almost like trying to get the dog to stay home.

Some words I never can spell right the first time. Lien and weird come to mind.

I will rewrite to avoid effect and affect.

It’s a complicated language where right, write, wright, and rite all have different meanings. Reign, rein, and rain anyone?

Knowing I have these shortcomings, I try to be tolerant of others. I try, I’m not always successful. There are a couple of common ones that I’d like others to work on. I promise to work on my issues in exchange for a group effort here.

Lose and loose are two different words, with different meanings. Use them both, but learn which is which.

This one could make you sound strange if you mix them up. Defiantly and definitely are also different words. You probably don’t want to say, “I’m defiantly happy.”

How about you? Are there any common errors you’re guilty of? Are there any that come across like nails on a chalkboard? (How many of you don’t know what a chalkboard is?)


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17 responses to “Trying to improve

  1. I have a bad habit of not capitalizing the letter I when used as a pronoun. It’s a technical error. I hit the shift key and let go before I hit the I.

    I can’t stand to see you’re and your errors, or ten and than errors.

    I am old enough to remember chalk boards and concerned (probably unnecessarily) about my grandchildren not being taught cursive writing.


  2. gee that was then and than errors


  3. I feel your pain, and that’s one of the reasons I almost always end up with “25+” next to the revisions on my edit post page. It’s hard work to get it right. I also wrote about some of the other things that bother me in a post a while back:


  4. I know that feeling! There are a lot of mistakes I make all the time even though, by now, I should definitely know better 😀 I also have the ‘it’s’ and ‘its’ problem. Great post 🙂


  5. You had me chuckling all the way through. Yes, I remember chalkboards!



    There, their, they’re not the same.

    Sent from my iPad



  7. I have many, mostly double letters through bouncy fingers.

    The one that gets me is lay and laid and lie. You don’t go for a lay down, you lie down. The other one is the complete absence of ly. The sun doesn’t shine bright – yes people who write the Maisy Mouse books, I’m looking at you – the sun shines brightly.

    Grrr… actually I’ll stop now. because otherwise, I might go off on one.




  8. definAtely is one I can’t kick, and wans’t


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