Blogging Progress

I’m working on my second hundred subscribers for the blog. Does anyone else hate the term ‘Followers’, or is that just me? I’m not starting a cult here. It’s going well, and my map is expanding too.

I’ve been going back through my old posts and doing the occasional edit. I see something I wrote and it drives me crazy. It’s hard not to start every line with ‘I’ when writing first person. Then I catch myself saying I saw something, when I ought to just see it.

I’m not going through all of them, but when they jump out at me I fix them. It’s free writing for a blog, so it isn’t a huge sin, but I want readers to enjoy the posts. Any other blog editors out there?

I’ve been following a lot more blogs. I might follow more if the Gravitars all included links.

The new thing I need to work on is titles. When I read blogs, a good headline will catch me every time. It’s possible that readers skip my post if it doesn’t have a catchy title.

I find my stats are higher when I blog frequently. I’m always going to write in chunks, but I know this is true. I’ll try to post regularly, but I’m always going to miss the occasional day.


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9 responses to “Blogging Progress

  1. I proofread and proofread, at least three times, and then when I read it as it’s posted, I find more errors. Drives me crazy, too.
    Yeah, the more posts, the more readers, the more places on the map. I try really hard with my titles, because when I read the blurbs on those I follow, that’s how I decide whether or not I’ll read.
    I agree with you on Gravitars with links, too. I always think, “Who ARE these people?!?”
    I’m sure a lot of us share all the sentiments of your post.


  2. I’ve found that the best way to get readers/followers is:
    A) A catchy title (like you said!)
    B) Blog regularly (2-3 times a week)
    C) Frequently read and follow other people’s blogs

    That’s pretty much it! I know several bloggers who are really confused about why they only have 20 followers, and the answer is really simple – WordPress is a give and take community! If you don’t read other blogs, other bloggers aren’t going to read yours 🙂

    And by the way, you should absolutely start a cult of followers, lol. You could give them a silly name, like the Craigasaurs.


  3. I agree with you coldhandboyack. As soon as you aren’t on top of it, the the stats go down. I’ve been ill with a nasal problem and coping with the recent loss of my mother. But I have some amazing followers. I preach and they follow. hee, hee!


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