Weekend Wrapup

I remain terrified of blowing up your timelines. I want people to enjoy these posts, but I don’t want to become a pain. I’m getting less concerned. Some very successful bloggers post several times per day. I write in fits and starts, why would my blogging be any different?

I got a visitor from Finland, rock on Finland. I get pretty excited whenever a new country checks in.

I’ve decided the lifespan of a post is about eight hours, tops. Posts that are older don’t get a lot of love. I’m perfectly fine with that. Blogs provide the same kind of immediacy that the evening news does. If anyone wants to read about Lorelei and the unique characters, I placed them all in a “Muse” category that will filter them down.

Doubt, the raven, caused me to rewrite a section of my work in progress. I think it’s better than it was before, and it may improve further in the rewrite phase. My word count is down a bit, but it was time well spent. As of today, I’m at 9375 words.

Will ‘O the Wisp, is looking like it might be suitable for a younger crowd. I’m fine with that, personally. Not every book needs, or benefits from blood, gore, and sex. I’m not afraid of those things, they were all in my last one, “The Cock of the South”.

I think adult issues are tools to be used when it suits the story. I want to use the right tool for the job at hand. Will ‘O the Wisp is not that job.

This is a question for the fellow writers out there. I write about my personal journey using fictitious characters. Since this could be considered fiction, does it count toward my weekly word count? I’m not really keeping score, it’s just a topic for debate. This little blog could use some debate.

I’m discovering a ton of new blogs. Some of you are awfully talented and professional. When I check out the Gravitars, I keep seeing the same people. We’re obviously the cool kids, come join us.

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