Some Christmas Wishes

It’s Friday night, snowing outside, and Clarence is about to earn his wings on TV. We have family coming on Sunday, and I’m looking forward to that.

I’m thinking about my writing as all this Christmas surrounds me. I’ll blog sober, then find some kind of Holliday cheer to wash it down with.

I wish all you writers out there every success in the coming year. Some of you will seek traditional publication, some will opt for ebooks, and others simple personal gratification. These are all worthy goals and I hope you meet yours.

I wish you all a special writing place. I call mine the writing cabin. When I’m in the zone, my imaginary cabin comes to life and the words just flow. If you’re of a different mind, you can have a penthouse, cave, mausoleum, tower keep, or a culvert. I won’t judge.

I hope you all find your Muse. Mine serves me well. It may come to you as a bag of magic powder, a unicorn, or even The Green Fairy. (She was fun, in her own way.)

I hope everyone develops a critical eye, in a positive sense. No matter what level we’re at, we can always improve. I have many lessons to learn, and a raven named Doubt to teach me. If you want to borrow him for your blog, let me know. I just have to get him back before Lorelei finds out.

In an attempt to sew this all up, I wish you all the writing time you desire. I know it’s hard to come by sometimes. I’m a weekend warrior, others go with a daily word count. Write all you want, but take time for the other things life has to offer.

Merry Christmas!

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