Oh Yeah!

My Greg Urbano trick worked. I got some more international visitors from Italy and Portugal. This really excites me. I love seeing the international visits. Feel free to say hi in the comments.

A couple of my stories occur outside the USA . The Cock of the South is with an editor right now. It occurs somewhere between Greece and Rome. Another story is called Panama, and ought to be self explanatory.

This works so well, it ought to have a special name. I vote for the Urbano Gambit. Thanks Greg. Maybe I can figure out how to get a reader or two from the International Space Station. I wonder how that would show up on the WordPress map?


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5 responses to “Oh Yeah!

  1. I do hope they introduce the outerspace option!


  2. Thanks for the attribution! I think Matt Lauer did it first just sans blog.
    “Where in the world in Matt Lauer.”
    Many bloggers do not understand the power of commenting on another blog. I think it is way more successful than any campaign you could launch on the likes of Twitter or Facebook.
    And it is exciting to visit strange places around the world via WordPress, surprised they don’t have that on the Daily Press.
    Thanks again for the shout out!


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