The Editing Workshop

I really enjoyed the Workshop yesterday. I got a few nifty handouts that I’ll transpose into my living document about editing. I keep several living documents that I can add to as I learn new things. They’re a hodgepodge of random notes, but they’re only for me anyway.

I got several good book references about editing. I downloaded one already, and will get more as I catch up reading them. The best points, specific to my shortcomings, will get added to my notes.

I made a new friend too, and that’s always great for an old introvert like me. The internet is a strange place, and some folks like to stay anonymous. I’ll just say, hi “Lisa”.

I also submitted ten pages to an editor, and enjoyed her comments immensely. I’m more convinced than ever that my problem is one of shallow point of view. She actually called me for showing too much at one point.

Critiques, and now editor comments, are funny in that they are subjective. They’re opinions, and I have to decide what weight to give them. I think I’ll go with the professional editor’s opinion. The two problems are very similar. They might be so similar that the explanation boils down to one guru’s way of explaining vs. another.

I really want to have my stories edited before I put them online. Now I’m struggling with another kind of problem. I have a responsibility to my family too. I don’t think I can justify spending $1000 on a book that might make me $500. I have no illusions that self publishing is the road to riches, and my $500 estimate might even be optimistic.

I’m going to contact this editor about her professional services eventually. I might have to pay for one book to get edited and try to apply the wisdom in that edit to the rest of the stories. This is still a thought process though, and I haven’t decided anything.

Thanks to the Idaho Writers Guild for putting this together. I really enjoyed it and would like to see more one day events.

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