Prolific Weekend

I was busy. I’ll give myself that much.

After Lorelei left, I fiddled with my outline. I use a method taught by Alexandra Sokoloff. Please see the link in my blog roll, off to the right. She sells a book called Screenwriting Tricks for Authors. I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their writing.

I made note cards for act one, and part of act two. Ideas flooded my brain, and actual history forced me to abandon 1969 in favor of 1974. I thought of a musical interlude I can’t live without. Hey, there can be music in a paranormal story.

This could all change again, that’s the purpose of an outline.

Corkulous allows me to add sticky notes, and arrow flags beside my note cards. I even added a couple photos for inspiration.

I didn’t cave to the Muse completely. (Lorelei makes me capitalize Muse.)

I went through more of Panama, and am in the middle of searching out and destroying my personal sin words.

My critique group went over a section of The Cock of the South. Remarks were favorable, and the suggestions were good. There was debate over too much telling vs. showing. One fellow thinks telling should never happen. The other thinks, as I do, some telling is important.

The meter for telling vs. showing drives me crazy. I always assume I tell too much and try to reduce it. They were unanimous that I need more emotion. I’ll work on it.

I sent an email to our local university, looking to cut a deal with an art student. I need book covers, they need street credit. It could happen.

With all this going on, I still managed to work on my World Beer Tour at Old Chicago. The daily limit on the tour is four. When my last one came out in a quart bottle, I knew I was in trouble.

My wife drove me home, where I managed to download $170 in music before being ordered to bed. At least I wasn’t drunk tweeting.

Time to send my imaginary friends home and start thinking about my real world job.

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