Sometimes, it’s the little things…

I moved on from editing Wild Concept, and started on Panama. I think WC is at a workable place right now. Panama is much easier to edit, because it was written later. I learned more, and made less mistakes. Hopefully, this means I won’t make any on my next project. (yeah right)

I sent a couple emails to potential cover artists. It’s the weekend, so I haven’t heard anything yet. I found another one online that looks interesting and will probably make contact this afternoon.

I need to move these projects forward, but Lorelei keeps telling me to start another story. Maybe she’ll leave me alone if I outline a part of it.

Things have changed since the great depression of the 2000s. I finally upgraded my ancient phone, and my wife bought me this cover:


Its a necronomicon from Army of Darkness. Now that I have Siri, I wonder if she can say, “clatu verata nicto”?

I may have been the first person on Twitter to make a Bill Buckner remark about the Red Sox obstruction call. I need to make one of those Larry the Cable Guy apologies. “Lord, I’m sorry for that Billy Buckner remark… mumble, mumble… and all the pigmies in Borneo. Amen.”

I traditionally cheer for the National League, so “Go Cards!”

Question for both (joke) of my followers. Is there a best and worst day to update a blog? I want to build this up, and am willing to hold drafts until Thursdays, for example? Let me know what you think.

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  1. Phyllis Boyack

    Any day works for me. PB


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